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You Think You’re a Locavore? Try Living This Way…

China Store

These days it’s popular, at least in certain circles, to say you’re a locavore. I’m okay with the idea. Shoot, I enjoy fresh produce and locally grown (or hunted) meats as much as anyone. I never thought that I was participating in social activism when I shopped the farmers markets in my area, or bought fruit at a roadside stand. I guess I was simply ahead of my time. Again.

If being a locavore, even an occasional one, makes you feel good and responsible, then go ahead! However, if you believe you’re a truly hard-core locavore and want to be even more so, then check out this post by one of my favorite bloggers, Fiona. I’m a bit jealous that she gets to explore Shanghai and China every day. She writes interesting stories about her findings, and she does lovely photography; you should take a long look!

And after you read about these “locavores,” get back to me on how you’re gonna match that…

Enjoy the (Great Local Grazing) Heat!


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