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Cool Down the Italian Way: Grilled Peaches and Red Wine Granita


Davy Crockett once said, “You may all go to Hell, and I will go to Texas.” Trust me, it’s hotter here. We’ve been scorched in Texas for months now. We were 5° F above average for June, after a hot May. The above-average temperatures have continued, and so has the drought. (Rain in isolated locales the past two days hasn’t broken the heat or the drought.) We’ve already had more 100°+ days this year than all but a couple in history (records go back to 1897). No end in sight.

So naturally we’ve been looking for ways to keep cool. Now the majority of the Lower 48 are gripped in record heat. Sorry to share with y’all, but hey, we’re just that kind of friendly in the Lone Star State.

That said, I saw a neat item that will surely take the edge off the heat, at least for a little while. And it can be made with Texas peaches too! (Provided they haven’t all dried on the branch.) The website is Letizia Golosa’s “Cooking for Friends,” a wonderful food destination on the Web. The dish? Grilled Peaches and Red Wine Granita.

What’s a granita? It’s a Sno-Kone for adults! Okay, it’s even better than that. You take wine, add sugar and heat, add spices or citrus flavor using zest, and then you freeze it. You don’t want it to make ice cubes, just a very firm, slushy consistency. Then you scoop it up with an ice cream scoop or a big tablespoon and put it onto something.

Like grilled peaches.

Use Freestone peaches, if you can. Otherwise you’ll likely have to cut the peaches into pieces, and those are hard to grill. I find using my fish griller basket is a great way to handle peach halves. Of course, if you want, simply oil the grill grate well and put the peaches, cut face down, on that. You’ll need a medium-hot grill, but not too hot. You can also use a grill pan on your range top. Assuming you don’t want to leave the air conditioning to cook!

Do try out Letizia’s nice concoction. Just remember, granita in moderation…

If You Can’t Stand the Heat, Eat Granita and Peaches…


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