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Spammers Winning Again; Registration Required (For Now)

Remember a while back how we said comment spammers were gaining on the Watchdog Elves over in the Infernal Technology Department? Well, I couldn’t stand their whinging anymore thought I’d help out and require site registration to post a comment, at least until I found a solution.

The good news: we found a solution. A good one. It completely killed spam in the comment queue. The Elves got drunk and danced all night thanked me profusely and got back to laying around all day and watching The View and Jerry Springer reruns their usual jobs. Things were so good we turned off the site registration requirement.

The bad news: After less than a month, the spammers have found a way around our new watchdog. How bad is it? This morning, in the space of less than four minutes, the Underground got 227 spam emails. All junque. And the bombardment continues.

So we’ve enabled site registration once again, sadly. Oh, you can read everything on the site, nothing’s blocked from view. But if you want to post a comment, you’ll have to go through the registration process (takes a couple of minutes, and we don’t really charge your credit card it doesn’t require a lot of info), and then log in to the site.

I know, it’s a pain. For all of us. We have no desire to reduce dialog between the Underground and our dear readers. Sadly, that’s the main effect of this bombardment. For now.

Please lobby your congressman about comment spam. You may not see it directly, but it’s now a bigger problem to the Web than spam emails ever was. All they have to do is amend the CAN-SPAM Act to include penalties for comment spam. That Act has dramatically cut down on email spam (and put the worst offenders behind bars). It’ll do the same for comment spam, with appropriate adjustment.

In the meantime, we’re off to find Yet Another Watchdog for the Underground. Wish us luck…

Enjoy the (Bad Spam, BAD Spam) Heat!


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