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Comment Spam Fixed; CU Open to New Comments! Watchdogs Sent to New Homes…


Okay, maybe this time the Elves have gotten things under control. (I found a way to get the job done quickly. Just take away their beer and pretzels, and cut the cord on the TV. Then promise to bring it all back when the problem’s solved.) The several watchdogs the Underground has been using until now to limit comment spam have all been given away to new homes; we wish them luck. (Besides, maybe they’ll lose weight now, with the Elves unavailable to feed them snacks all day long.)

Once again, the registration requirement is now off. If this solution doesn’t work, then I think Santa will be getting a new batch of lazy Elves we’ll have to try something else, I suppose. In the meantime, join the discussion! Oh, and join the site if you really want to…

Enjoy the (Freedom of Comment Speech) Heat!


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