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Are You Joining the Artisanal Ketchup Revolution?


Ketchup. That red glop that kids use to hide the taste of everything from broccoli to bananas. It’s somehow seen as quintessentially American, although we didn’t invent it. It’s not even the top-selling topping in the States; mayonnaise and salsa both sell better. And until recently, it’s not been seen as a target for innovation. Oh, I know a few years back Heinz sold colored ketchups (purple, green, blue, orange and teal). That experiment lasted three years, and has been gone since 2006. (Maybe you think it should be catsup? Think again.)

Now, though, you can suddenly find many varieties of hand-crafted ketchup at grocers and farmers markets. Flavored with onions or chiles. Or almost anything with a strong taste, actually. To be sure you get hooked, there’s some interesting marketing involved. Just be prepared to open your wallet and dig deep for some of this fancy stuff.

Is it worth it? My primary spousal unit swears by her onion-flavored sauce, using it on many things. (A complete list here would cost too much bandwidth to share, and might be unsuitable for youngsters.) What about you? Have you tried any of the “new” ketchup varieties? Did you enjoy the experience?

Drop us a note and let us know how you see this revolution in flavored red sauce, or whether you’re going to take a pass until the next great food fashion…

Enjoy the (Saucy Red Stuff) Heat!


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