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Want Some of the Really Hot Stuff? Then Get This Shirt…

Great Shirt

We use the word “hot” pretty indiscriminately these days. The weather’s hot; this food’s hot; that song’s hot. My car’s hot (inside) these days. Or fill-in-the-blank-with-favorite-actor/actress is hot. And on and on.

In the zesty food game, hot has a pretty distinct meaning. Where is it on the Scoville scale? The bigger the number the hotter it is! And (almost always) that heat is caused by capsaicin. The same stuff used in analgesic creams.

Capsaicin is potent stuff. As little as one part per million gives food a mild tingle. More and it’s, well, you know; hot.

If you want to show off your capsaicin knowledge, and thus amaze and astound your friends, then get this t-shirt with the hot molecule shown on it. You’ll be like, all hot and stuff when you wear it…

Enjoy the (Fashionable Art) Heat!


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