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Hot Bytes for 2011-08-31

Sad News in the world of cooking: Cookbook Author Killed in House Fire | NBC San Diego (I have a couple of her books) http://t.co/2jilWRc #
Frito-Lay Combines Delicious Flavor and Slow-Burning Heat With New Cheetos and Doritos Fiery Fusion Snacks – http://t.co/gjXlXty #
Chile season reaches peak at this weekend's Hatch festival (local version here finishes […]

Jammin’ With Apricots

One great summer fruit is the apricot. They’re not often eaten fresh, though; not sure why, as they’re certainly tasty that way. Dried apricots are used in lots of fruit snacks, and that’s a great way to preserve them for the winter months. If you have an abundance of the fresh fruit and access […]

Software Adjustments in Progress; Some Posts May be Delayed

Sometimes, website work is a pain. (Like my shoulder.) There are some fundamental flaws in my site that need addressing now, so I’ll be working on that stuff for the next little bit. One consequence, though, is that posts may be delayed in actually making it to the front-end. It’s not pretty, but it’s better […]

Jessica, Your Prickly Pear Cactus Jelly is Ready

This entry is part of a series, Pepper Jelly Chronicles»

(Note: This spread isn’t exactly a pepper jelly, although I include it in the Series. Makes it easier to find, after all. Besides, my blog, my choice. You want it someplace else, get your own blog…)

Texas has plenty of prickly pear to go around. […]

Food for Fighting Pain: Frijoles Borracho and Pork Loin Roast

I was in a lot of pain yesterday with the rehabilitation exercises for my shoulder and all. Enough pain that I essentially had no appetite. Of course, the pain meds don’t help the ol’ appetite either. I knew it would be like that too; they warned me.

I want to keep my strength up, of […]

Hot Bytes for 2011-08-27

'Heart attack waiting to happen' isn't always obvious (even us svelte types gotta pay attention) – CNN.com http://t.co/eqHbl2k #
Nearly no-cook summer recipes | The Des Moines Register | DesMoinesRegister.com http://t.co/5O8Xh21 #
What Real Pain Tastes Like: Atomic Chili Dog Challenge Heats Up – Dublin, CA Patch http://t.co/SuS3qUw #
Irene headed your way? Read This: Storming the Pantry: […]

Hatch Chiles and Lime, a Great Combo for Jam

This entry is part of a series, Pepper Jelly Chronicles»

The Real Hatch Chile Festival isn’t until Labor Day, but we’re having ours here in central Texas right now (courtesy of H.E.B. Central Market). But then, you already know we’re ahead of our time here. Anyway, to get into the spirit of the thing […]

Chile Underground Reaches Major Milestone; Media in Awe…

This week the Chile Underground, your favorite place to read about zesty food, cooking adventures, occasional travel and unsurpassed levity, passed a major milestone. In fact, even if you’ve been following along at home you likely missed it. So I’ll point it out to you, just to be on the safe side:

We reached 1,000 […]