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Beef Ribs That Aren’t Short on Zing

Beef Ribs

Beef short ribs have pretty much fallen from favor on America’s dinner table. In places like Texas, they’ve mostly been replaced with pork ribs, usually as barbeque. Time to change all that! (Well, not get rid of Jessica’s ribs; that’s a non-starter as far as PJ’s concerned.)

In the new cooking publication tied to Recipe.com I saw this scrumptious-looking edition of beef short ribs. I’ve got my ribs thawing right now, but first I want to share the procedure with you. The recipe actually appeared first in Better Homes and Gardens. It’s called Apricot-Habañero Short Ribs, and it feeds six for about $20 total.

What makes it special? First, the big, meat ribs. Don’t scrimp on those! It’s the foundation for a really great dish. Then there’s apricot preserves. Only takes a half cup, so there’ll be plenty left over for breakfast toast. You also need only one habañero chile, and that’s about eight cents at the store. Buy several and make plenty of this tasty sauce; you can use it on grilled chicken, for instance. Any extra chiles can go into jam or jelly, or for your favorite extra-spicy homemade salsa.

Another interesting point: This dish is less than 300 calories per serving! Not bad for a beef dinner entrée. So you’re getting lots of flavor, plenty of zest, saving money and holding the line on calories too. Sweet…

Enjoy the (Fruity Spicy Beef) Heat!


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