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Lazy Sunday at the Ranch

Ranch Cows

When it’s this hot, we don’t get out and move around a lot. Oh, we grilled sausage for lunch (it was very good). I say “we” because it’s polite. However, it’s also a Royal “We.” I stayed inside and made sure the margarita machine ran on schedule. (It’s particularly tough duty, that; but we here at the Underground never shirk from the difficult duties. At least not when we can get caught.)

The morning started out well enough, with a few clouds. I tried to get a few nice still photos out on the property. Even Texas drought has an austere and otherworldly beauty, if you can find it. Unfortunately, I found none of it and soon the bright sunshine had killed off all the nice clouds. I moseyed on back to the house and put the camera away. No use for it later, it would surely be too hot to be out. Besides, I could claim I had already begun to pack for the trip home.

Nap Time

A good Sunday lunch is always the proper way to prepare for a satisfying Sunday nap. There’s no football yet, so I couldn’t use that to get me lullabyed to Nod. No baseball games worth listening to either, the way the Astros are playing. So I toughed it out and went to sleep cold-turkey; no background sports broadcasts, no nothing. I forced my eyes closed and arduously hung on until I achieved the desired state of unconsciousness.

I’m sure it took me at least three minutes.

Nene made wonderful chicken tacos for dinner. While the filling was simmering I packed all the goodies and loaded the car. It was either that or stand in the kitchen and get my knuckles rapped repeatedly for performing the necessary quality checks taste-test the chicken. Doing that wouldn’t have left much for the Clan, though. So I took one look at the large weapons-grade stainless-steel spoon that Nene wielded and I restrained myself.

Jess and her mom rode home together in a separate car, leaving me to ride in peace with the two sleeping Goldens and all the gear. It was a pleasant ride, once the air-conditioning caught its stride. It saddened me, though, to see those two worthless mutts dogs getting all the nice sleepy-winks while I had to pay attention to traffic. Maybe Google with get that auto-driver car released soon

If You Can’t Stand the Heat, You Must Be at the Ranch…


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