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Important News Concerning Two Essential Food Groups: Beer and Hamburgers

This entry is part of a series, Follies 2011»

Beer Muscle

Beer and hamburgers go together like apple pie and sharp Cheddar. Like pork and beans. Like Cheech and Chong. (Well, okay; maybe a borderline choice there.) Like bacon and eggs and syrup and pancakes. Like Burns and Allen. You get the picture.

That’s what makes today’s news so momentous. Crucial, even. Indeed, of paramount importance. So pay attention, readers! Here it comes…

First, the meaty part. As in large hamburger. The largest, in fact. Commercially available, we’re saying. That means you could buy one! It was shown off at the Alameda County Fair last month. The price? A mere $5,000. Since it weighs in at almost 800 lbs, that’s only about $6.25 a pound or so. Cooked and ready for you to eat, no less. Listen, it’s a great deal! Go to your neighborhood malt and burger drive-through and you’ll pay that much for a quarter-pounder with fries. And that’s only a quarter of a pound of beef! BEFORE cooking. This monster, prepared by the fine folks at Juicy’s Outlaw Grill, was weighed AFTER cooking. If you put back in the 200 pounds or so of fat that cooked out; well, you get my point, I think.

Some other interesting trivial facts of trivia: The burger was topped with 50 pounds of cheese, 30 pounds of lettuce and 20 pounds of onions. A forklift had to be used to place the sandwich onto the scales. There was over 1,375,000 calories in this creation; enough to feed one person for two years. (No word on which person that is, exactly.) Guinness has certified it for their World Records.

If you want one, be sure to order a couple of days in advance. If they say they’re out, it’s not because they don’t have the meat, it’s that big bun it goes on that’s missing.

Bes tBurger

On the brewski front, a recent article details some of the health benefits of beer. Yep, all this time you thought drinking beer was only about getting wasted, wearing a chicken-head hat and breaking a bone or two sliding down your kids’ Slip-‘n-Slide in the driveway taste and socializing. Oh no, the stuff’s actually good for you! It contains antioxidants and vitamins, which can help prevent heart disease and build muscle. (THAT’s what’s under those wife-beaters.) It has lots of readily-available energy, from the processed carbohydrates and the alcohol. Of course, there’s all that water too; helps you avoid dehydration.

Which beers are best? Dark beers and microbrewery products. These have the most antioxidants, as well as having more iron than other beers. So don’t drink that wimpy light beer swill, drink the good stuff! Oh, another great side-benefit of the microbrewed beers comes from their high hops content. Hops contain polyphenols. (No, it’s not a disease and not contagious.) Polyphenols help lower cholesterol, fight cancer and kill viruses. How’s that for a trio of bennies, eh?

Just remember, more isn’t always better. So limit yourself to one per day. (If it’s one keg, I’m not looking, so it’s not my fault.) After all, if you embarrass yourself again you just know there’ll be some smart-aleck with a camera nearby…

Enjoy the (Beef and Brew) Heat!

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