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Chocolate’s Better’n Carrots, But Is Miracle Whip Really Good for Your Love Life?

This entry is part of a series, Follies 2011»

Not Chocolate

Now you may think it’s patently obvious that chocolate is better than carrots. After all, you can’t make carrots into nice bars, just for starters. And while carrots are so sweet they’ve been used in place of sugar, you can’t make a nice hot drink from the orange veggie.

But that’s not what I’m talking about. No, there’s powerful medical news that says you should consider eating chocolate instead of carrots. For your eyes, I mean.

Seems a recent clinical study demonstrates that dark chocolate (the finest kind; my favorite) improves your ability to see in low-contrast situations. Poor weather, for instance. Another benefit is that it makes your brain sharper too. These benefits are in addition to those found previously, which include lowering blood pressure, improving platelet function and increasing insulin sensitivity.

The newest study, at the University of Reading, used a limited size population of only 30 folks, aged 18 to 25. (Why the age discrimination, I don’t know; although this something-over-25 chocoholic chocophile would like to know why HE couldn’t have been included.) They had to suffer through a battery of vision acuity testing and thinking skills measurements after first suffering through either a dark chocolate bar or a white one. Why the white one? Control, you see. No, not urge control! White chocolate has almost no flavanols, while dark chocolate has loads. I guess that means they were studying the effects of flavanols, eh? (I don’t know why they didn’t state that earlier.)

No word on whether chiles in your dark chocolate improves the effect. I guess that’s simply obvious, yes?

Dark Chocolate

Kraft Foods is trying to show that Miracle Whip is great for you too. You know Miracle Whip, that magical substitute for classical mayonnaise. Oh, they’re not pushing the flavanol content; no, they’re working on things like how it may have affected your marriage. And stuff like that. It’s called the “Not for Every Relationship” contest. All you have to do is make your own video and send it off to Kraft. Oh, it has to explain some things, like what Miracle Whip’s done for your marriage (or other key relationship). Who knows? You could win $25,000 for best video.

That’s a lot of Miracle Whip; or dark chocolate, if you prefer…

Enjoy the (Wacky Light and Dark Food Fun) Heat!

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