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It’s Late, I’m Tired, and Tomorrow Will Be a Long, Long Day…

Big-Mouth Turtle

It was a long day today. I got the yellow pepper jelly made, and the Lemony Snicket, er, Lemony Hot Jam too. To top that off, I made a very special Hatch chile jelly, to celebrate the Hatch Chile Festival. (This weekend was the last one this year, locally.) I’ll be submitting the recipe, after taste tests are complete. Once I win the contest, I’ll be way too good to associate with most of the folks I know rich.

For the next few days, though, reporting here may be a bit spotty. Reason? It’s likely to be hard to type with one arm in a sling. (While high on morphine derivatives, if I’m lucky.) I go into the clinic in about seven hours for arthroscopic surgery on my shoulder. I’ll be down for a bit, although I’ve pre-posted a couple of things for later on in the week. I’m confident I’ll bounce back quickly from this little bump along life’s freeway.

If I’m up to it, I’ll be reporting on the pepper jelly experiments. All the sticky juicy details. And there will be a big announcement at the end of the week, if things go as I hope they will. In the meantime, read some of the older posts, or grab a recipe or two and enjoy….

Enjoy the (Big-Time Owwie) Heat!


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