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Today is National Waffle Day! Eat’em Every Meal…

Waffles and Fruit

Waffles; they’re not just for breakfast anymore! Even Winnie the Pooh would enjoy a food that you can pour lots of honey over. Or syrup. Or top with butter and jelly (even pepper jelly!). Shoot, he might even have them for all seven of his favorite meals of the day, on National Waffle Day. That’s today, in case you were asleep and missed the big announcement.

When were the first waffles consumed? Ancient Greeks used to make them, actually. If you know when the first waffle iron was patented in America, then leave a comment and I’ll send you a free surprise gift by email! (I promise, it’ll be a good one.)


I know what you’re thinking; waffles are only for sweet meals. And maybe you’re trying to control your sugar and carbs; I’m down with that. Still there are some great savory waffle dishes too! Besides the ever-popular waffles and chicken, you can try bacon-topped waffles with onion sauce, or ricotta waffles with red-hot jam. (I’m especially interested in those!) Don’t have time for a full sit-down meal? Then make a fried chicken and waffle sandwich. No more excuses!

The National Waffle Day link above gives fifteen tasty recipes you can try. That should be plenty, don’t you think? If you don’t get to try them all today, then you can enjoy them later. In fact, it’s been well-known for a very long time that waffles are great to eat on any day ending in the letter Y. So get to work! Drag out that waffle maker, whip up a batch of batter and get the family to setting the table; you wouldn’t want to miss out on something like National Waffle Day

If You Can’t Stand the Heat, Then Grab a Waffle…


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