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Chile Underground Reaches Major Milestone; Media in Awe…


This week the Chile Underground, your favorite place to read about zesty food, cooking adventures, occasional travel and unsurpassed levity, passed a major milestone. In fact, even if you’ve been following along at home you likely missed it. So I’ll point it out to you, just to be on the safe side:

We reached 1,000 posts.

Yep, that’s right. We’re now heading into our second thousand, boldly going where no blog has gone before. That talks about chiles. And has Underground in the name. In the beginning, if you had told the Elves that we would ever reach this lofty target, you’d have been greeted with massive derision and suggestions that you needed to get back on your medications. Are you kidding? A whole thousand posts? That’s like, over 365,000 words. With nearly 2500 pictures. And tons of other stuff too.


I know, you can find lots of sites on the InterTubez with tons more posts than a mere thousand. But really, out of all the blogs that have started in the last decade or so, how many are still going at all? How many have reached 1,000 hand-crafted posts? Even the multi-author blogs aren’t all there, and there’s dang few of those. Kinda makes you wonder just how big 1,000 posts really is. (You can now stare into the distance, admiring, with a bit of awe on your astonished visage. Okay, that’s enough. Don’t want to scare the small critters.)

It’s been a wild ride, and I don’t just mean the trips to Asia, India and Ireland. Emotional highs (I’m a blogger, and somebody noticed! Look, a Real Comment!), lows (Is anybody out there? Why am I doing this to me?) and all sorts of in-between. Recipes and life’s day-to-day events; getting from Point A on one continent to Point B on another with sanity mostly intact; bumping into (and sharing) stories that made our funnybones tingle; learning everything from photo editing to WordPress site building to fighting off the Evil Purveyors of Malware and Bad Links. Along the way I got seriously hooked, and I write and photograph and edit and administer for the pure satisfaction and joy it brings me. (Yes, even joy. At times. In between the tribulations. Which, if you also blog a lot, you know is all part of the game. And getting past them, part of the satisfaction.)

So with more than enough words in a pile to have written three best-selling novels, you can easily see we’ve forgone being rich in favor of penniless self-gratification chosen sharing and psychic compensation. So far it’s been worth it. Of course, now we’re shopping book deals (Pepper Madness!), pitching reality show concepts (Monkeys in the Kitchen! The Great Capcaisin Race!), cutting music deals (The Cooking Calliope, With the Chile Chefs Concertina Band), and otherwise collecting the clothes and groupies we’re going to need as soon as celebrity status reaches us (as is only our due, of course).

What can CU regulars expect over the next 1,000 posts? I honestly don’t know. (As the Geico spokesman might say, “What’re you, nuts?”) Maybe we can see into the next hundred or so, though. Sure, there’ll be more of the same: recipes, book and restaurant reviews, occasional news and zaniness; like that. And there will be some changes too; it’s the nature of blogging. There’s one change to watch for, though:

More photos from the Chile Underground’s Department of Soft Food Porn Division of Professional Food Styling and Images. We’ve always had a more than passing interest in photography (nearly 8,000 pictures from one trip to Ireland, for example), and sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect shot that tells the story we want for a blog post. So we’ve been collecting gear and training to make our very own stylish food still life pictures, in our very own studio. Who knows, we may someday (soon, my accountant hopes) offer poster prints of our best work. In our very own store. (Only $10 each, or two for $30; no waiting! Half price if you want them autographed.)

It’s been grand so far, and now that we have a grand of posts up, we can look forward to the next grand Underground accomplishment with confidence and enthusiasm. We hope you’ll ride along with us (and buy some t-shirts, mugs and keychains you don’t really need as you go) …

If You Can’t Stand the Heat, Then Come Along With Us…


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