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Fish 4 Friday: Seafood in Peanut Sauce, South American Style


Welcome to a new month! Hopefully it’ll be the start of a Major Cooldown here in Texas. With rain. (Please, let there be plenty of rain.) The last holiday of the summer is upon us, schools are back in session, and you’re thinking fish tomorrow. Don’t ask me how that connection got made; I just know it did…

Today’s dish is a South American style fish-and-shrimp meal. Very easy to make, with lots and lots of zesty bits:

Of course seafood tastes better when the name is in Spanish! And with peanuts, it borders on awesome. This is a dish you can make in a half hour too, so you won’t be spending all your holiday time in the kitchen. There’s enough chile zest in there to guarantee you’ll sweat, which is a side-benefit you didn’t expect. Given that the temperatures outside are dropping like a rock (shoot, we’re way down from our weekly high of 112° F, threatening to be in the mid-nineties; almost like wintertime), we don’t want you to forget how to keep warm.

Think of it as a public service from the friendly Elves here at the Underground. Free of charge, as it were…

Turn Up the (Seafood With Peanuts) Heat!


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