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Fish 4 Friday: A Cheap, Fast Tuna Dish for the Tomato-Overloaded

This entry is part of a series, F4F 2011»

Tuna and Pasta

At this point in the summer, some of you may feel you’ve had too many home-growed tomatoes. How you can feel that way, I don’t know; but it’s true, right? Especially cherry tomatoes. Man, can those plants produce! No need to pay four bucks for a measly 12-ounce carton of those small spheres of goodness in the grocery store. Buy a couple of plants ($4 each) and maintain them, you’ll get buckets of sweet, tasty fruit! These days, you can have red, orange or yellow too.

Which brings us to today’s F4F offering. With a nice pile of cherry tomatoes handy, what can you do to get your fish fix? If they were big, beefy tomatoes, you’d make a tuna salad and stuff the tomatoes, right? So think tuna. That’s a nice start. And no, we’re not going to stuff cherry tomatoes. (Oh, you could; but I bet you’ve got better things to do with your whole day.)

My web friend Christy who runs The Daily Dish has hit on a genius option. It’s quick; it’s tasty. And best of all (if you’re like me), it’s cheap. And did I mention easy to fix? I bet you have the other ingredients right on your pantry shelf. And in your garden, if you’re getting the cherry tomatoes from your very own bush.

Rather than copy everything here, how ‘bout you run on over to Dishy’s site and read her post? (And drool at her pictures too. I hope your mouse is waterproof.) Here’s the link: Pasta with Cherry Tomatoes, Tuna and Lemon.

No lemons? Try limes! I wouldn’t go with just juice; the citrus zest is a big part of the great flavor. You might try the zest of an orange, though, and some bottled lemon juice, if you don’t want to make a special trip to the store.

No parsley? Try some fresh basil. I have that stuff in abundance too, right next to the tomatoes. Even Thai basil would be good with this one.

Tired of the same ol’ pasta noodles? Try a different shape! Or mix some shapes up, like bowties and rotini. Or small shells. I’d stay away from the tubular shapes, like elbow mac, unless that’s all you have (hard to get these flavor elements inside); then go for it!

Whatever you choose, give this simple, tasty dish a try. And tell Christy that the Elves over at the Underground sent you…

It’ll Be a Hot (Tuna Pasta Dish) Time Tonight!


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