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The Underground Remembers; Do You?

Where were you a decade ago today? Can you really forget? We can’t; we won’t…

Watching the morning news on CNBC and working on a business plan, we vaguely noticed a lot of excitement with camera shots aimed at the Manhattan skyline. Smoke from the Trade Center. People asking questions. Suddenly nobody was paying any attention to stock prices, as another airliner slammed into the second tower.

The United States was under attack. Everybody’s lives changed in those minutes.

More than 3,000 direct fatalities. People still dying from the brutal exposures. Stories of heroism and cowardly terrorism. It’s been a different world since the towers fell. We here at the Underground remember, and honor those who died then and have given their lives since so we can continue to live free.

It’s clear that freedom is something that others fear, that militants can’t stand to see endure. We will endure, though; we will…

Enjoy the Heat, While Honoring Those We Lost


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