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BBQ Joint Gets “Carcass Removal” Listing, Heads to Court

Pig on the Grill

In this edition of Follies Extra we see that while some salespeople have too great a sense of humor, some restaurateurs have none at all; otherwise this story might have turned out differently…

Although the exact details aren’t clear yet (and will be sorted out in court), it appears that Bar 3 BBQ in Montana ran across a phonebook ad salesperson who doesn’t take being rejected lying down. Said person is accused of listing Bar 3 in the Yellow Pages under “Carcass Removal” in retaliation. Print and online. For two years running.

Hunter Lacey, the owner of the Bar 3 BBQ outlets, filed suit in Federal court after Dex Media turned cool to a settlement offering. He says his business is ruined and that he’s become the butt of national-scale ridicule. He’s right in that, since Jay Leno even pointed out the restaurants’ situation on late-night TV. (Frankly, I don’t think any TV personality could have shown enough restraint to leave this one alone; Jay was simply first.) Hunter is seeking nearly a half-million bucks as compensation.

Dex Media claims their employee went rogue with this action, and they claim they’re not liable as a consequence. I’m not even sure that’s a “nice try” deflection at this point. Their claim that they’ve been doing everything they can to right the situation doesn’t seem to hold water either. Finally, they’ve said that Lacey’s partially to blame for his situation, as he “negatively berated” the salesperson when he didn’t buy ad space when offered. So not buying Yellow Pages adverts is “negatively berating” someone. Sheesh. I know that’s a tough market these days, but that’s ridiculous.

Looks to me like Lacey is showing remarkable restraint with his action. Here in Texas that media company would be looking at several million in the suit. After all, they’ve just besmirched the National Food of Texas. (Maybe we should go up there and help? Nah.) And given that he’ll never make it in Montana in the BBQ business now, I think he’s seriously undershooting the ramp here. But that’s me. Maybe he figures, if he wins he can open Bozeman’s first sushi place or something. (Mountain Oysters Sushi, the latest in fusion cuisine; hey, dumber ideas have made it in dining.)

Besides, he’s always got a head start in the carcass removal business; nationally famous, in fact…

Enjoy the (Roadkill Mixup) Heat!


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