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Lazy Sunday in Seguin

Big Al

Not a lot happening today. There’s a bazaar and auction in town at the Catholic church, so I’m sure we’ll be going in there for a while. Hopefully wifeyperson doesn’t get her spend gland going too strongly. (Don’t tell her I said that.) It’ll be well over 100° F today; when will the heat and dry ever end? Looks like we’ll wind up with more than 100 days over 100° this year, for the first time since we started keeping records.

But first, we’ll go out and check out the new bull at the Ranch: Big Al. And boy, he’s big! A black Limousin, three years old and already something like 1800 pounds. He doesn’t look fat to me, like Chip did. But then, he’s only three; he’s practically a baby! He’s skittish, but it’s his new surroundings; he was hand-raised, so I suspect he’ll settle in quickly and Pat and Chris will be hand-feeding him soon.

The brisket I made a few days ago is disappearing fast; only enough for one more lunch for the four of us. Which is a good thing.

I’ll be working on some papers and a couple of statistical analyses, but mostly I hope to fly a plane. Maybe a Boeing 747 or something cool like that. The only choice to make: before or after a nap? Decisions, decisions; guess I’ll have to sleep on that…

Enjoy the (Lazy Sunday) Heat!


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