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Doritos Situation Grave, and (Lust for) Alcohol Makes You Stupid

This entry is part of a series, Follies 2011»


Arch West led the Frito-Lay team that invented the Dorito (first sold in 1964), a snack that’s now sold worldwide with annual sales in the billions of dollars. This brand of chips has had its ups and downs, with sales falling so badly in recent years that PepsiCo (owners of the Dorito brand) has launched the largest snack-food makeover and rebranding in food history. They’ve been around so long that there have even been lawsuits by people claiming they were harmed by the chip. (So far, no victories for these snack-attackers.)

Sadly, Arch died recently at the age of 97. His connection to Doritos doesn’t end with his passing, however. The family tossed handfuls of the snack chip into his grave just before he was covered over. RIP, Arch; and good snacking, wherever you are.

In other food-related silliness, three teenagers tried to “borrow” some beer from a convenience store in Covina, CA, but somehow their attempt went badly astray. The hapless trio engineered their attempt by having two go into the store while one remained outside in the getaway conveyance. The thieves entered the store in the mid-afternoon and each grabbed a big box of Tecate. A nice start, they thought, as now they had 60 cans of beer to go. However, a store employee noticed the action and began to follow the dynamic drinking duo. One of the robbers noticed they were being followed as other employees joined in; he quickly parted company with his illicit gains, which was then aided by gravity and promptly crashed to the floor. That complex ploy failed, however, as an employee grabbed the young fool anyway. The other fellow got into the car with his beer, however, and the remaining two took off, leaving their cohort to his fate.

A brave (or foolish, you decide) employee wound up on the hood of the car when he tried to intervene in the getaway. The car managed to go about 50 yards before “crashing into a curb.” (Man, they must have some killer curbs in Covina.) The stymied stooges fled on foot and were pursued by police. The one guy with the beer tried a movie-style stunt to get away: He ran through an operating car wash. Unfortunately, these weren’t the Keystone Kops; one of Covina’s finest was waiting at the exit for the now squeaky-clean dirty guy.

The third accomplice, the anti-Transporter who attempted the drive-off, got away from the pursuit. However, there was one tiny complication, hardly worth mentioning; he’d left his wallet, complete with identification, in the now-abandoned car. Once again, the police weren’t so bemused as to miss this opportunity, and they quickly closed the deal by apprehending the final fugitive.

The most important fact: All the Tecate was recovered (although some cans may have been dented).

Finally, it’s clear that the robbery reported above isn’t an isolated incident. Two thieves attempted to help themselves to some spirits at a Colorado Springs liquor store, but things quickly went off the tracks here too. The first fellow went inside and grabbed a bottle, but the store owner used a remote control to lock the door of the store. The getaway accomplice, seeing the plight of his buddy (and the alcohol, don’t forget the alcohol), promptly pulled out his pistol and, in true Hollywood style, began to shoot out the glass of the door. All he managed to do, though, was to wound his accomplice in the foot. (One bullet, two feet wounded, if you get my drift.) The Colorado Springs police weren’t as successful as their colleagues in California, though; the shooter got away (so far).

No word on the fate of the bottle of hootch.

What is it with these guys? They’re already too brainless to be allowed to drink; which may explain their desire to steal booze. Sadly, I doubt these incidents have wizened up any of these chumps, and may have given bad ideas to the next crop of idjits. Alcohol really does make you stupid…

If You Can’t Stand the Heat, Don’t Steal the Firewater

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