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Worst. Monday. Ever…

I’d get out there and dig my grave in the garden, so I can push up some daisies next spring. But that takes energy, at least enough to get out of the bed and crawl outside. That’s not happening. Nor do I feel particularly encouraged to write tomorrow. I ate some crackers, at least. […]

NaNoWriMo is Almost Here, and I’m Dying…

The next big novel-writing challenge is set to kick off in less than 36 hours. And they may have to launch without me. I’ve got a head cold, and it’s really putting me down. “Sick as a dog” doesn’t begin to describe it.

How sick am I? Well, I gave several minutes’ serious consideration to […]

The Strangest Use for Sriracha (So Far This Week)

Cruisin’ the InterWebz, looking for something good and spicy to eat, I came across this bizarre unusual use for Sriracha: Fridge Pickles With a Kick. The main vegetableaceous component? Swiss Chard stems. That’s right. The part that I always throw away.

They look easy to make too. I bet you could do almost any vegetable […]

Armadillo as Weapon, Bar Fun With Guns, and Another Humongous Burger

This entry is part of a series, Follies 2011»

Arguably, it’s about food. Or at least what somebody thought was good enough to eat…

A woman from the Dallas area was assaulted by a man. Common story, right? Well, hold on, now. It gets better. Seems the man was selling a frozen armadillo to the […]

Hot Bytes for 2011-10-27

Cooking is Easy: Emeril's 3 Ingredients To Kick It Up In The Kitchen | Fox News http://t.co/HRgipqNS #
Still Hooked on Hogwarts? Cook up some magic with 'The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook' http://t.co/cpXTZO31 #
If you're in the area, consider helping: Chili & Chowder Cookoff to benefit MDA – The Republican Journal http://t.co/a3g2Aa37 #
Warning, cold weather! Souper […]

Elgin’s Southside Market: Great Smoked Meats

We were tired and hungry. Cruising down U.S. 290 towards home. All I wanted was a bed, after 3½ hours driving, then 8 hours in the park, then another 3+ hours heading home. The crew had another idea, though:

“Honey, can we stop for some food?”

I growled. They insisted:

“But we’re almost to Elgin, and they’ve […]

French Ban Ketchup? This Means War! Again…

This entry is part of a series, Follies 2011»

A disturbing new trend in Europe these days; specifically, in French school cafeterias. Ketchup has been banned from the kitchen and tables there! And this is a direct slap at the condiment that Americans use the most. Never mind that ketchup was invented in the […]

From New Pho to Old: Lunch at a (Nearly) Forgotten Friend, Tan My

This entry is part of a series, Restaurants»

One really shouldn’t forget friends, but as life takes you in new directions you sometimes leave some behind. It’s not often a malicious or mindful loss, just one you don’t notice as it happens. The usual excuses apply: We moved, our careers pushed us into different […]