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It’s That Time of Year Again: Texas RenFest Date Set…

Mardi Gras Blue

After mind-altering, tough negotiations that lasted less than 30 seconds we now have set the date for our annual family outing to the Texas Renaissance Festival: We’re going on October 22. It’s a long day, starting before 5 A.M. and ending sometime short of midnight; at least it’s traditionally that. I do the driving in the morning, everybody else sleeps. Four hours later, we’re there and ready to enjoy. Sometimes I drive back, sometimes I’m too in my cups tired to drive. At least we’ll have four drivers along this trip.

The usual activities of eating, strolling, listening to great music and watching shows of all sorts will dominate once again, I’m sure. This time, I’m taking extra memory chips for the camera, and a tripod, and I’ll try to get some HDR-quality triplets. There’s so much to see, and in the past I’ve focused more on the wine, women and song entertainment aspects than the digital record. Well, that’s all changing this year!

The theme for our weekend is Pirate Adventure, and I’m sure that will be lots of fun. Plenty of good sailing songs to be heard, and lots of food-on-a-stick to be eaten. Not to mention casks of ale to be consumed tasted. They’ll get no Arrrgghument from me…

Enjoy the (Festival Season) Heat!


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