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What’s Going On? Suddenly, You’re Allergic to a Favorite Food…

White Peaches

I don’t know if this has ever happened to you: You bite into your favorite hand-fruit and within minutes you’re not feeling so well. Oh, you’re not in agony; just itching like crazy, and maybe your throat feels a bit constricted. Or you’re sneezing your head off.

What happened?

Well, you may be a victim of “Oral Allergy Syndrome.” The good news: It’s not the fruit. You’ve not suddenly developed an allergy to apples or peaches. The bad news: You’re gonna suffer for a bit. (Benadryl helps.) If you have seasonal allergies, then you’re likely to get this Syndrome at some point.

The culprit? Pollen on the fruit.

Washing the item can’t always help, but it sure couldn’t hurt anything. Don’t assume that just because you bought that pear at the grocery store that it’s clean enough.

Fortunately, I’ve not heard of any such cases where hot peppers were involved. (If you know of any, drop us a line here at the Underground and we’ll post it.)

If you get a really bad case, or you have the issue often, then maybe you need to heat the food. That takes away from the enjoyment of a fresh apple or such, I know; but heat can “denature” the pollen’s proteins and cause the Syndrome go away or be significantly reduced. Otherwise, you’ll need to see an allergist. Or just suffer along; it’s not fatal…

If You Can’t Stand the Heat, Don’t Eat Fruit…


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