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A New Magazine Featuring Zesty Foods? Check It Out…

Thai Chiles

Source Interlink Media claims to be America’s premier source for special-interest publications. Their food category is published under the Popular Plates imprint. These “bookazines” are one-out publications, and some appear to be test-marketing to see if there is enough interest to drive regular publication.

I recently found an interesting edition called Fiery Foods, with Chile Expert Dave Dewitt. Now, anything that says “Fiery Foods” on the front will catch my attention. And having the “Pope of Peppers” as the editor and expert, well, that’s a bonus. Dave’s published several cookbooks, he’s been on numerous TV shows, and he operates the popular Fiery Foods & Barbecue site at www.fiery-foods.com.

A quick peek inside and I was sold.

This volume has a lot of nice recipes, but just as interesting (and long-term more informative) are the articles on chile pepper history and cultivation, cooking and grilling techniques, and the language of chile peppers.

The production values on this “bookazine” are excellent. The binding’s solid, the paper is a good, stiff choice, and the pictures are awesome. The layout is neat and clean, with many full-page pictures interspersed with info-packed, three-column sheets. It’s a durable good, not your usual read-once-and-toss magazine. The typography’s clear too; easy to read.

There’s a really nice section at the end on the top 50 zesty-food restaurants in the U. S. of A. Of course, any attempt to whittle down the thousands of great places serving plates of pungent goodness to 50 is no easy task, and there are many which you might claim were unfairly left off. Still, it was interesting to see that several of the options are here in my area, and that I’ve eaten in them. Some of them, like Chuy’s, are a fairly regular stop. I guess the food’s good enough, eh?

I don’t know if you can find one of these in your area; I found mine at a Barnes & Noble. The magazine should have been taken off the shelves at the end of August, though; maybe you’ll need to ask the stock boy to give you one from his private stash in the back…

See Ya ‘Round the Ol’ Magazine Rack…


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