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Elgin’s Southside Market: Great Smoked Meats

Real Texas Q

We were tired and hungry. Cruising down U.S. 290 towards home. All I wanted was a bed, after 3½ hours driving, then 8 hours in the park, then another 3+ hours heading home. The crew had another idea, though:

“Honey, can we stop for some food?”

I growled. They insisted:

“But we’re almost to Elgin, and they’ve got great sausage. And brisket. And stuff.”

Well, I couldn’t growl at that. But my tummy sure did. I turned off at the Clan’s favorite pit stop in all of Elgin (and there are more than a few), the Southside Market. Which is really on the west side, but I’ll never tell.

The place was really rocking for late evening. The 24th Annual Hogeye Festival was wrapping up (sorry we missed it, actually), and folks was gettin’ themselves one last plate of ‘que for the day. Lots of folks.

Including about two regiments of Army. Shoot. (No, don’t, I didn’t mean it, really.)

I just knew we were out of luck. But the smell dragged me on in, and the line wasn’t that long. Just full of hungry soldiers. I knew there wouldn’t be any left. Boy, was I wrong.

I ordered three pounds of sausage for the crew (more or less, you know) and a couple pounds of sliced, trimmed brisket (for me, of course). Then I took my plunder and scooted for the car. Looking over both shoulders, just in case. I made it out clean, and then had to put up with that wonderful smell all the rest of the way home.

I made it, but I sure wasn’t thinking of no bed by the time I got there. Ah, brisket and sausage, under a thick blanket of rich sauce. The perfect end to a long day (and leftovers all week!)…

Light Up Your (Southside Smoked Meats) Life!


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