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Armadillo as Weapon, Bar Fun With Guns, and Another Humongous Burger

This entry is part of a series, Follies 2011»

Tough Food

Arguably, it’s about food. Or at least what somebody thought was good enough to eat…

A woman from the Dallas area was assaulted by a man. Common story, right? Well, hold on, now. It gets better. Seems the man was selling a frozen armadillo to the woman. The price of the carcass, nicely frozen to preserve all its roadkill goodness, wasn’t to the liking of the buyer. The counteroffer must have made the fella mad, because he then began to wail on the prospective diner with the solid trophy.

Yes, the woman intended to eat the armadillo. (No word on intended recipe; I prefer pit-roasted with root vegetables, myself.)

The woman suffered contusions to the chest and leg. The man was arrested and charged with assault with a dead weapon…

In other news, a man in Philadelphia goes to a bar. Also common, yes? Out for a drink; happens thousands of times each day. Well, not like this! The man showed up with an automatic weapon and proceeds to blast the bar. (For bad food, bad service, or just having a bad day, they didn’t say.) The only thing that makes the man stop is, his getaway car is, well, getting away. He left it in reverse in his haste to make his emphatic statement concerning the tavern (or perhaps some of its patrons).

Okay, so shooting up a bar in Philly, that’s not so bad. I’ve been there, I’ve seen some of their offerings. However, this idiot spirited critic compounded his lunacy gaffe by shooting on cops as they arrived to check out the action. I guess the punishment will involve the perpetrator being served takeout pub fare from the affected boozerie for the rest of his life…

Finally, jumbo burgers are in the news again. Mallie’s Sports Grill & Bar, the Detroit-area folks who brought you the 186-lb burger just a couple of years ago (and a 319-lb monster just this past January), is weighing in on plush-sized pub grub, so to speak. Their latest creation weighs in at 338.6 pounds! Sporting 15 pounds of lettuce, 30 pounds of bacon (yum, bacon!), another 30 pounds of tomatoes and 36 pounds of cheese, the “Absolutely Ridiculous Burger” costs a mere $2,000 (yes, it’s officially on the menu) and comes with jumbo fries and a diet soda. That’s only 540,000 calories. I assume the 0.6 pounds extra was the stone-ground mustard, or something. In case you’re wondering, they will deliver this meal to your house; call for details.

This monstrosity took 22 hours to cook, reportedly. No info on what the sandwich actually tastes like…

Enjoy the (Weird Food News) Heat!

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