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A Few More RenFest Snaps

Faeries and giants; buccaneers and polliwogs; troubadours and gypsies. And that’s just in the first fifty feet! Here’s a few more of our favorite images from the Texas Renaissance Festival:

The gypsy songstress with Wine and Alchemy.

A real hurdy-gurdy!

Jenny sawing off another tune.

Working hard at having fun.

Enjoy the (Costumed Pageantry) Heat!

Texas RenFest 2011: Yes, They Had No Wildfires; Go! It’s Great…

We didn’t make opening weekend of the Texas Renaissance Festival this year, but we got there as quick as we could. Only to run into a big ol’ batch of pirates. It was Pirate Adventure Weekend! The opening show was stuffed with silliness, and the only thing missing was a crowd. Attendance was down, […]

“A Bear Walked Into a Grocery…” And It’s No Joke…

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Where does a Yuppie migrant farmer pick lettuce? The salad bar, of course. However, in Ketchikan, AK, the supply of lettuce might be a bit interrupted at the moment…

Seems the bears way up North are getting smarter. I mean, why forage far and wide when […]

The Great Pho Quest Continues: Pho Thaison in Allandale

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It’s not often anymore that my wife and I are both out-and-about at lunchtime. Not like in the olden days. (Cue nostalgic music. Okay, that’s enough.) It happened yesterday, though, and we took full advantage of it. Our mutual timing was off, so I got in […]

Hot Bytes for 2011-10-19

Tailgating Recipes: The Commissioner's Jambalaya – http://t.co/7znbtNgk http://t.co/SG6oNaeA #
Is spicy food bad for you? (Answer: No. However, eating stupid is.) http://t.co/SsbrSyjt #
Breast Cancer Awareness Update: Cookbooks geared toward all cancer patients – Food – http://t.co/nPoDd7LE http://t.co/hBtOoJo1 #
I only read it for the interviews: Anthony Bourdain in Playboy Magazine (Thank goodness it's not a centerfold) http://t.co/qL75ZaMj […]

What’s This Hole in My Blog?

Somehow, the post for today didn’t post. Instead, it headed south for the winter, or something. Well, at least enjoy the picture. I sure wish they’d get this InterTubez thingie all worked out before I go crazy…

Light the Message Bonfire…

A New Magazine Featuring Zesty Foods? Check It Out…

Source Interlink Media claims to be America’s premier source for special-interest publications. Their food category is published under the Popular Plates imprint. These “bookazines” are one-out publications, and some appear to be test-marketing to see if there is enough interest to drive regular publication.

I recently found an interesting edition called Fiery Foods, with Chile […]

Apache Chile Peppers; What Are They, Exactly?

My daughter just gave me some Apache chiles she bought at a farmers market. A whole quart-sized zip-top bag, priced at $1.50. That part’s certainly attractive! The bag’s fairly full of small, red chiles, like the picture above. I’d never seen these peppers up close and personal, so to speak. They look deadly hot […]