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Down to the Wire…

Well, we gave it a full-throttle run. Scared them Crabs clean back into the ocean. But no, we didn’t beat them. Closed the gap and gave them fair warning not to mess around with penguins who know how to type one-flippered (since our other one’s busy holding onto our martini glass). Truth is, we […]

Trying to Win One for the Team, at the Last Minute

It’s almost midnight; do you know who your children are? Or where you live? Or what you’ve eaten the last few days? O when you last changed your lucky shirt? If you answer “I don’t know” to these, then you’re fully immersed in the NaNoWriMo Challenge. And making steps. Or in this case, words…

Yes, […]

Hot Bytes for 2011-11-28

Nigel Slater's Polish recipes (It's more than beets and stew) | Life and style | The Observer http://t.co/1asYIUB3 #
Five Best Recipe Organization Tools: A review of digital options | http://t.co/mTjnnF56 #
Time-Saving Tips To Become A Better Cook (and we can all use some extra tricks and tips) | Fox News http://t.co/xdDOVgqm #
It's never too cold […]

The CU Rolls Along: 1,100 Posts and Counting

It’s a good thing that there are automated counters in the background on here. If someone had told me we’d gone past 1100 posts I’d have laughed. Or cried, depending on how much I believed you. (If it had been one of the Elves telling me, I’d have fired them for taunting management. Wait; […]

A Meal That Makes You Glad You Have Leftovers From Thanksgiving

This entry is part of a series, Follies 2011»

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving, and that you’re now trying to figure out what to do with the leftovers. Well, maybe this will sharpen your appetite for a Dagwood sandwich of turkey, ham, dressing, cranberry sauce and gravy…

A freshman at the University of […]

NaNoWriMo Needs YOU! Well, Really, It Needs Me…

The Crabs are trying to run away with our olive. (It’s a long story, believe me.) We Lushguins can’t let that happen! So a group of us have made a secret pact (unfortunately, in a public chat room) to add to our original writing goals. Since I’m basically done with the 105,000 words, I’m […]

Hot Bytes for 2011-11-24

A whole cookbook full of vegan recipes, perfect for holiday celebrations | Dish 'n' That http://t.co/D5IfCoAD #
Pie crust not a task for flakes (Not my pun, but I like it!) The Columbus Dispatch http://t.co/ik3aXzfI #
A couple recipes for "Fakesgiving," er, Thanksgiving | Philly | http://t.co/TwNhOQxV #
Thanksgiving Recipes: Classic Roasted Turkey, Balsamic Roasted Fennel, and […]

Time to Move to the Ranch and Prepare to Feast

Fun at the White House (Boerne Branch) is over and done. We’re packing so we can move along to the Ranch, where the whole Christenson Clan is expected to show this year for the Big Feast.

How many will there be? Well, lessee; Four plus four, plus another three (and a half!); carry the one… […]