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Best Writing Snack? I Think I’ve Found It…


A great writing effort is only sustained by great snacks. I read that somewhere, and it sounded so much like wisdom that I remembered it. (I think it was snacks. Pretty sure.) Fortunately, there are a lot of good ones out there. Elsewise we’d be running short of great fiction any day.

And if the latest great cracker is any indication, you can expect to be buried in Pulitzer prize prose Real Soon Now. The culprit worthy candidate? Keebler’s Town House Flipsides.

Some of you budding authors out there may already be addicted to enjoy the cookies and crackers made by those secretive elves in the big tree, over in Kellogg-land. In sparing quantities, I’m sure. Keebler makes almost 120 different snacks, so they surely know how to please some of the people some of the time. These Flipsides thingies, though, they’re pure carbogenius. The shape’s reminiscent of the classic Town House cracker, known to caterers and high society affairs everywhere. (Minnie: “Why so down, Mamie?” Mamie: “I just heard my best friend Marie’s having an affair.” Minnie: “Oh really? Who’s catering?”) They’re not your momma’s ritzy cracker, though! (Get it? Ritzy? Sheesh, I’m good.) These buttery, golden-brown goodies have a crunch that’s loud enough to wake your wife from a sound sleep when you come in from “bowling” at 4 A.M. and just need a little something to tide you over before nodding off. Crazy good.

They come in Original, Cheddar, Reduced Fat (just in case the wifey’s watching you), and my favorite, Garlic Herb.

I don’t know if the design is on-purpose or they forgot to turn a batch over when baking, but they sure got it right in any case. These crackers pair up with cheese and salami nicely. Even that cheese that squirts from the can. Add some pickled carrots and cauliflower and you’ve got a meal, almost. Certainly counts as a meal when you’re pushing a deadline on the NaNoWriMo fiction thingie.

And to help you get through the whole month of deadlines, Wal-Mart sells the convenient 6-pack of big boxes

Light Up Those (Snack Cracker) Afterburners!


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