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Relaxifying at the Ranch (And No, the Word Processor’s Not Open)


Okay, if I can’t type’em, I’ll join’em. Or however that saying goes…

This weekend is rocking along very low-key, hiding out at the Ranch and not even cooking a meal this time. Just more nachos. With fajita beef, for one thing. And maybe some non-candied jalapeños. (I wonder how many jalapeño peppers it takes to cure a cold? Including the dextromethorphan hangover, I mean.)

Oh, I may get all excited and pump out a sentence or two towards The Goal. But if it doesn’t happen, then, well, it doesn’t. There. I feel much better.

Not really. Just not pressured by some deadline or goal.

Granny Gimp had Pregnant Stew ready for us when we arrived Friday night. I wonder if there’s any of that stuff left…

Enjoy the (No More Words) Heat!


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