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Recovery’s Under Way, Sorta; Time to Write?

Reading Dino

Today’s not too bad. For a Monday. I’m even reading a good book about becoming a master storyteller: The Anatomy of Story by John Truby. Shoot, after the last week (or more), I’m feeling good enough to consider solid foods again. And after due consideration, I’m having steak. That’s solid, yes? Oh, and I think I’ll do some plot work on the story too. No real writing; I’m not quite up to that. First the steak, then a wee nap of about six hours. THEN we’ll see.

How’s the writing been going? Well, I can answer that in two words: What writing? I think I’ve got a paltry total of 3,206 words. And I’ll surely not add anything today. That would take several things: Energy; motivation; plot elements, to name a few. Today will make the fifth zero in seven days. Oh well, what’s a few zeroes amongst friends? If I retool for 50,000, the minimum that’s still just over 2,000 words a day to complete. I can do that, I think. In any case, we’ll see.

Tomorrow I get to see the doctor, finally. By then I’ll be able to tell him what works and what doesn’t against this thing. Although maybe he’ll still have some meds for my head. I’m worried about a sinus infection, which is a typical ‘relapse’ after a cold this bad. I’m hoping I don’t get it; I’m hoping I don’t need a shot in the behind too. We’ll see…

Enjoy the (Almost Dino-Hunting Time) Heat!


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