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Rocking and Rolling on the Fiction; Posts Will Be Short for a While

Groucho Glasses

The Elves at the Chile Underground hope you’re having an enjoyable Veteran’s Day. It’s an historic one, of course: November 11th, 2011, or 11/11/11. So in an hour or so it’ll be really interesting here: 11/11/11 11:11:11. If you’re into numerology, maybe you should hide under your bet for a bit…

In other news, yes, I got a sinus infection as a lovely parting gift from the head cold. However, they’ve got some gim-crack drugs these days. Not the kind that gives you psychedelic dreams, unfortunately. But boy do they do a job on the nasal attackers! Unfortunately, they’re steroids. And the starter dose is six pills! My schnozz is almost ready to be a linebacker in the NFL. I just hope it doesn’t fall off once the medication’s done.

I’ve had three pretty good days writing, totaling almost 13,000 for the string and 16,000 for the challenge. The dino is currently laughing, but not as much as he was a few days ago. I’ve had a really great morning too, canning over 3,000 more words.  I’m almost back to “even” for the challenge! The basic one, I mean. The odds of me making 105,000 words are pretty much zero at this point, unless I get some days of over 10,000 words between now and the 18th. After that, family commits become primary.

It feels good to be pounding the keys again, though. Really. Just having the energy to write for several hours in a row is such an improvement. Now all I need to do is get enough energy to cook too, and then I’ll declare myself returned to the human race, (almost) hale and hearty…

(Remember: If you love your freedoms, hug a Veteran today and thank them! Feeding them’s good too, and they probably wouldn’t mind.)

Enjoy the (Feeling Good, Almost) Heat!


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