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Starting the Big Week on NaNoWriMo

Rolling Dinosaur

Ah, better living through chemistry! Whatever is in those new drugs, they work. I feel So Much Better you can’t believe it. (Heck, I can’t believe it.) This will be my chance to break through and see how close to on-target I can get from here. Next week the Holidays will interfere; minor things like mom’s 80th birthday and the Clan Thanksgiving. I won’t be allowed to simply skip them, though, so I better crank this week!

So where am I, right here before taking a nap and doing it all again tomorrow? Well, I’m at 30,560 words for the challenge. That’s 60% complete against the basic goal. If I’m going to make 105,000 words for the month, though, I’ve really got to hump it; I’m 15,000 behind my goal rate for this point. I’m part of two team bar fights dares as well; the Austin writers are taking on Maryland in one, and Australia in the other. (Yes, the whole dang continent! We’re scrappy, we are.)

On the food front, PJ’s going to have to scrounge a lot this week, I’m afraid. No time for cooking. Unless you count microwaving frozen burritos as cooking…

Enjoy the (Catching Up) Heat!


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