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Happy Birthday, Mom; the Party was Lovely

Party Animals

It’s not every day that your mom celebrates 80 years. So we all got together & chipped in, cash and effort, to hold a reception for mom’s celebration. Oh, nothing too elaborate; she’s not that kind. A reception at a hall in the village, a few hours of chatting, sharing and eating. (Lots of eating, actually.) Friends and family, and not a huge crowd. We had memory books out, including the one from her 75th and from an extended “interview” that Paula Jo (and others) did with her. Lots of pictures. Including a computer projecting on the wall.

It was just right, as Goldilocks once said.


Then we retired to the house and did some more talking and sharing. The dominoes came out and yet another World Championship of Train was held. (I decided to pass this time; let somebody else have the title for a while.) Oh, and there was a wee bit more eating and drinking went on, oddly enough.

Eventually the party broke up and we all retired, without mom having to feign death to get us to stop. It was fun; let’s do it again, okay? Say in five years or so…

Crank Up the (Birthday Party) Heat…


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