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Time to Move to the Ranch and Prepare to Feast

Big Feast

Fun at the White House (Boerne Branch) is over and done. We’re packing so we can move along to the Ranch, where the whole Christenson Clan is expected to show this year for the Big Feast.

How many will there be? Well, lessee; Four plus four, plus another three (and a half!); carry the one… My oh my, it’s a lot. Including some friends and hangers-on (some of whom have filed application to join the Clan; we’re setting those aside for later giving them due consideration), it appears it’ll be 21 or 22. How do you count one that’s about –5 months old? Never mind, she’ll get fed.

Then we’ll all collapse. It’s a tradition, you see.

Football? Well, normally we don’t watch any TV at the Ranch. Granny got a burr up under her saddle blanket decided she was spending too much money for too little entertainment, so she cancelled the satellite link and went to Netflix. And Hulu. And like that. Now she watches what she wants, when she wants. (It’s her house; her rules.) However, Patrick had bet the house and kids some reason to want to see a couple of games, so we bought an HDTV antenna from Radio Shack and installed it. Guess what? It works! Now we’ll get to see those silly Cowboys lose Yet Another Game.

We’ll also get to watch the final, last ever, never-to-be-played-again Texas vs. A&M game. History, it’s what the Boob Toob television was invented for…

(NaNoWriMo update: I got a lot of words in last night after the house got quiet, and again this morning early. It’s been a good run! I got about 11,300 yesterday, and over 9,600 the day before. In fact, the last three days (20th-22nd) have yielded 27,910 words! I’m now 16,000 words above my goal line; there’s 93,300 in the bank. Life’s good.)

Enjoy the (Impending Feast of Doom) Heat!


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