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NaNoWriMo Needs YOU! Well, Really, It Needs Me…

Dead Dino

The Crabs are trying to run away with our olive. (It’s a long story, believe me.) We Lushguins can’t let that happen! So a group of us have made a secret pact (unfortunately, in a public chat room) to add to our original writing goals. Since I’m basically done with the 105,000 words, I’m committing to an additional 30,000. In the next six days (counting today).

Sounds like a lot, eh? Well, I’ve been hammering the keys at a faster pace than that since I cranked up on the 8th, so I figger I can loaf along and still support my team. Just don’t tell Paula Jo, okay? She thinks I’m still struggling to make my goal. If she knew I was caught up (even a tad ahead) she’d have me doing laundry and all sorts of other unsavory acts. I mean, even in private, I’ve got my standards. (Such as they are.)

So anyway, to recap: Going into this morning I had 103,300 words in the repository (all nicely backed up, two places; take THAT, Murphy!), and a couple thousand already this morning. No “day after the Turkey Feast of Doom hangover” for me! I’m rolling. Raising the bar, though, changes everything. On a pace to reach 135,000 words by midnight on the 30th, I’m officially 4,700 words under water. In the red. Behind the curve. I can make it! Or somebody will die trying…

Cranking Up the (NaNoWriMo Goals) Heat!


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