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The CU Rolls Along: 1,100 Posts and Counting


It’s a good thing that there are automated counters in the background on here. If someone had told me we’d gone past 1100 posts I’d have laughed. Or cried, depending on how much I believed you. (If it had been one of the Elves telling me, I’d have fired them for taunting management. Wait; they do that all the time! Sheesh.)

Yet here we are, having crossed the magical value of 1100 posts on the CU. And still counting! But don’t go getting the idea that we’re addicted to blogging; we’re not. We can quit any time we want. (We just don’t want, okay? And no, we don’t need no stinkin’ intervention.)

At least there’s no real sign of things slowing down in the near term. And if the economy doesn’t pick up, then not in the long term either. (But I digress.) So much to write about, so many recipes to try. And real soon now it’ll be time to till up the garden space and get it ready for early spring planting, which comes in less than eight weeks here. By then we’ll be closing in on the next magical number, 1200 posts…

See Ya ‘Round the Ol’ Spicy-Hot Keyboard…


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