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Trying to Win One for the Team, at the Last Minute


It’s almost midnight; do you know who your children are? Or where you live? Or what you’ve eaten the last few days? O when you last changed your lucky shirt? If you answer “I don’t know” to these, then you’re fully immersed in the NaNoWriMo Challenge. And making steps. Or in this case, words…

Yes, it’s about time to wind this thing down and put a bow on it. However, there’s still 24 hours left (in this time zone, anyway), and plenty of words that are demanding to show up on a page or screen, somewhere. Besides, we Lushguins are still behind those pesky, exoskeletal Crabs in spite of our best efforts to bolster individual and team totals. (I think they’re padding their totals with random Wikipedia copies, but that’s just me.) It doesn’t help that they’ve got eight legs each and we just have flippers. Next time, I vote we choose our opponents more wisely. Like maybe blind, quadriplegic cuttlefish or something. But I digress.

It’s bedtime, I think; which means go take a nap and get back at it. I’ve got 128,800 words in the pile (380 pages! Yikes!), and I’m only 1,700 words below the goal line. With 6,200 tomorrow, the last day, I’ll be exactly at 135,000. The crazies fine folks in the Austin chat room have scheduled an all-day write-in (Occupy NaNo Austin!) and we’re going to battle our way to the top! Or our fingers will be permanently ground down to nubs in the attempt.

Wish us luck…

Crank Up the (Key-Pounding) Heat!


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