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Well, we gave it a full-throttle run. Scared them Crabs clean back into the ocean. But no, we didn’t beat them. Closed the gap and gave them fair warning not to mess around with penguins who know how to type one-flippered (since our other one’s busy holding onto our martini glass). Truth is, we let them win. (Yeah; that’s it! We threw it this year.) They hadn’t won in a decade, and there was some concern that they’d give up and not come back for another ten years of whuppins if we didn’t let them have one. Which would be sad; we need the targets, er, good rivals.

That racial slur I said yesterday, about Crabs cheating by having eight legs? I didn’t mean it. They only use six anyway, and if we can’t beat them with one flipper tied behind our back then we deserve to lose. (I’m not a sore loser, really; not the least bit competitive over here.) We did run the good race, though.

My personal tally came out at 140,535 after a best-of-Challenge day of 11,725 today. That means that I spotted the field a week on the front end, then made my personal goal of 105,000 words in a little over two weeks; then finally, I tossed in another 30,000 words for the team. It’s not quite as many words as Robert Jordan wrote in any of his books, but it ain’t bad for 23 days.

Next year, I think I try for 200,000. At 7,000 a day that even gives me a day off! Imagine that. But first, I need to have a couple of good plots written and researched so I don’t have to bail from the keyboard to work on that stuff. Lots of ideas, and 10 months to get them together; piece of cake, easy as pie!

Speaking of pie, tomorrow is National Pie Day. Go eat plenty pie! I plan to, even though I only eat three kinds. (Hot, Cold, and More, in case you’re stumped.) Consider it practice for the next round of feasting in a few weeks…

Turn Down the Heat, Time to Rest!


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