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New Site Up! (Arguably It’s About Food, Someday)


Okay, it’s not anything to do with food, unless I write a mystery that involves cooking. (Now there’s an idea; hmmm…) No, this is the newest, and soon to be the best, boutique site about novel writing on the whole InterTubes: The Accidental Novelist. The plan is for plenty of blog posts, of course. (It’s a blog, after all.) I’m working to outline pages that will provide resources for all the optimistic writers, young and old, who have decided to take the “I want to write a novel” challenge. I believe there’s a great book inside each of us, and I want to help make that happen. Besides, if you don’t write it, I can’t read it; and I want to read more novels.

I expect the site to take at least six months to get fleshed out, and like all information-centric sites it will always be a work in progress. So bear with me! If you’re interested, stop by and take a peek. For sure let your writer friends know about it. Teachers too; they’re always looking for resources.

Does that mean the Chile Underground’s days are numbered? Not at all. I’m even hoping to combine my two passions in the future. Maybe a blockbuster murder mystery involving cooking, chefs and asparagus-smoking aliens? (Well, two out of three, anyway.) If Someone Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe can make it all the way to a prime-release movie, then why not my book?

I mean, why not…

Enjoy the (Writing About Writing) Heat!


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