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Gifts for the Beer Lover

Christmas Beer

Now here’s some Holiday ideas a Real Man can use! CNN’s Eatocracy recently posted a note about new gift guide. Kevin Diedrich is the bar manager at Jasper’s Corner Tap & Kitchen in San Francisco. He offers five good options in the list:

Give the gift that gives all year: Sign them up for a monthly beer club. Kev suggests visiting the Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club.

Buy them the Michael Jackson “Ultimate Beer” book. (Not the singer, silly!) That book is awesome. Only one tiny problem, hardly worth mentioning: Out of print. Which makes it a phenomenal gift, if you find one in a used-book store somewhere (or online). Just be aware, this one ain’t cheap, even in poor condition…

Get them a home-brew kit. This is especially nice for the beginner who wants to start out easy. There are many websites out there offering kits. (When I was in Edmonton I saw them in grocery stores, on the shelves. Lucky Canadians.)

Have some custom coozies made up. If your beer fan is also one to hold sports-watching parties, then these are especially nice. Kevin recommends BeerKoozies.com, but you can find quite a few on the Web; maybe even one in your area.

Finally: Arrange a tour of your local brewery, or one of their favorites. Most beer doesn’t travel very far, actually; even the big-label stuff. Near here we have several, including the historic Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner; Pearl in San Antonio; The Lone Star Brewery (National Beer of Texas), also in San Antonio, but which no longer produces beer (it’s now the San Antonio Museum of Art); and many others. My personal preference, though, is to tour the Guinness brewery at St. James’ Gate, Dublin. The two of you can probably fly there, spend a nice time in Dublin and get home for less than buying that Ultimate Beer book listed above…

Enjoy the (Hoppy Christmas) Heat!


2 comments to Gifts for the Beer Lover

  • Beer Clubs

    There are a lot of amazing beer clubs out there to choose from. If you’re looking for something unique try out the rare beer club. If your special someone likes to travel check out the international beer club. Or if they like to make beer try a beer making kit. To compare some of the beer of the month clubs checkout beerclubguide.com.

  • Thanks for the info, Paul! (Thanks for stopping by too.) I know there’s a beer club out there for just about nay beer lover, at any budget level. Some folks may think it’s too expensive to sign up somebody for one of these nice gifts, but it’s not. So listen up, everybody: Do what Paul says, check it out…