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Edible Christmas Tree Ornaments? Good Idea, in Some Situations


You’ve probably decorated your Christmas tree already. Did you include some edible ornaments? The classic item: candy canes. However, there’s something to be said for making some others. First, though, the disclaimer: make sure the kids are old enough to understand, and that you don’t have dogs who love to munch stuff from the tree.

The Family Fun website (Disney) lists several types you can make and place on your tree as a family event. Mr. Food shows some nice-looking cookies you can try. (You can use most any cookie that doesn’t dry out quickly, as long as you put some sort of hanger in when you bake them.) Gingerbread works wonders, as this lady shows; smells nice too!

So get out there and (re)decorate that tree with some edible goodies! You can then leave a note to Santa to help himself (the milk’s in the fridge) and you can concentrate on sleeping on Christmas Eve…

Enjoy the (Homemade Christmas) Heat!


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