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Cooking With Booze (and Even Putting Some in the Food)


I love cooking with alcoholic beverages. I sometimes put some in the food too. Beer, wine, brandy, whiskey and more, they’re all fair game for the cookpot. Especially if you’re trying to impress your date or significant other with something spectacular, like a flambé of a fancy dish. Take it from an expert, though: be sure to keep the ol’ fire extinguisher handy, as you don’t really want to impress them with domicile flambé. (Don’t ask how I know this important safety tip; just, don’t.)

Of course, you don’t really need to try to start a bonfire in your skillet. You can use alcoholic beverages in preparations ranging from appetizers, to soups and stews and ribs. Desserts are popular too.

For all you booze-cooking greenhorns neophytes, here’s a quick article that may help. One other tip on flambé consequences: Eyebrows will grow back; some other things, not so much. So start very small and work up …

Crank Up the (Courageous Cuisine) Heat!


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