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Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Your Foodie Friends

XMas Gifts

If you’re still looking for the perfect item for the cook in your life, have we got a deal for you

The Chile Underground’s very own Holiday shopping Elves have been drinking egg nog and surfing the web for naughty sites and accidentally found this article with truly awe-inspiring options for family and friends who love to work in their kitchen. Some highlights from the slideshow:

The Peter Petrie Egg Separator. This cool tool looks like a small head with the skull top missing. You gently break an egg into the (missing) brain space and then you tilt the ceramic idol until the egg white runs out the nose of the face. Yes, it’s just as you might image. The yolk remains in the head, and once the snot whites have all drained away you simply pour the yolk into a separate dish. Voila! The egg is efficiently separated. What could me more useful than that?

The Ice Ball Mold. This beauty makes perfectly spherical ice for your drinks. What’s the big deal? Well, round ice melts slower, diluting your drink more slowly than other options. And it looks so neat-o! Besides, what big shot doesn’t want cold balls? Of ice?

Bacon-Flavored Candy Canes. All Chile Underground addicts fans know how much we like the flavor of bacon. These festive canes look just like the original peppermint ones, but boy howdy do they taste different! Mix some into a big bowl of candy at a party and surprise your friends. (Just be careful, I don’t think they’re kosher. Or maybe you’re THAT kind of prankster? Shame on you.)

Flip through the slideshow on the link and enjoy the other wonderful options. If you want to buy something from the list, however, act soon; only a few days of shopping until Santa comes through…

Enjoy the (Funny Food Tools) Heat!


2 comments to Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Your Foodie Friends

  • Amber393

    I told Daniel about the egg seperator. He was disturbed and intrigued all the same time. Teehee. Amber (dream_weaver)

  • Yo Amber! Thanks for stopping by…

    Yeah, I think that egg separator is a likely gift for somebody in the Clan next year. One candidate is a nephew (about 15 yrs old) who’s very interested in cooking. This sort of tool is right up his alley…