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Merry Christmas!

Stocked Gifts

The morning dawned bright and beautiful, cold and crisp. Santa’s Elves (the ones who hang at the Underground most of the year) had laid out the stockings and stuffed them chock-full of goodies. Candy, nuts, and more. I got a Space Shuttle to build (Nanoblock model). Paula Jo got several Italian-style sodas, a favorite vice of hers. Puzzles, music, tee shirts.

Yes, it was a great way to start the morning. I only wonder why we wait a whole year to do this.

In fact, I’m starting a “Quarterly Santa” petition. To help get the ball rolling, why don’t you all sign your name to the back of a $50 and send it here to the Underground. I promise, you’ll be taken care of just like always, here at the hottest site on the Web! Think of it; you’ll be able to tell your grandkids how you helped put some stranger’s kid through medical school start the other Santa Claus celebrations! Isn’t that worth at least a little something?

Helping you get into the true spirit of Christmas more often; just one more little service we provide…

Enjoy the (Cold, Clear Christmas) Heat!


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