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No Post-Christmas Hangover This Year?

Pooped Pooch

The gifts are all opened, the paper’s been cleaned up and tossed, the stockings have been emptied and stored for next year. Now what? Some folks complain of a hangover about now. Nothing to do with excess partying! Too much other stuff. In-laws who are over-staying their welcome. Credit cards maxed out. A whole new year to negotiate, just around the corner. And dieting; oh yeah, gotta get back on THAT treadmill. (Or resistance bike. Or lap swimming.)

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way! Okay, the Underground can’t do a lot about your cred, and trust me, we’ll be right there witchya on the the exercise machines. As for the rest of it: If you’re the in-laws, pack and go! Or send them packing. Time to get on with your life!

And that diet thingie? Better to get a plan and tie it to that exercise you’re going to include in your New Year’s Resolutions. (You ARE going to do that, yes?) You can lose 20+ pounds simply by giving up the sodas and going to water. Yeah; even the non-sugary ones. And you’ll feel better too; I gave them up five years ago, and look what it’s done for me. (Well, okay; that didn’t come out quite right. But you know what I mean.)

In the meantime, eat well and lightly and you can lose weight slowly, as you should. And by summer that teeny ‘kini will fit again. (I’m digging out my 1967 vintage Speedos, just in case it works for me. I’ll post pictures, you can be astounded.)

In the meantime, you still have to eat. Why not make up a batch of stacked enchiladas? We had some last night, and some macaroni casserole the night before. (The mac tasted a lot like lasagna, without all the prep hassle.) Worried about the calories? Cut the serving down a bit and top off with a light salad and some steamed broccoli or zucchini on the side. More flavor, less tummy…

Enjoy the (Big Family Casseroles) Heat!


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