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So Long, Suzie Q, Rest Easy Now…


Suzie started life as a variegated furball, bright eyes and a curiosity that often didn’t bode well for her longevity, nine lives or no. She and Archie became playmates after we rescued them from two different litters at the Ranch. Sonia adopted them right away, and to their credit, they never showed any fear of their big, substitute mom.


We were repairing and repainting at the house in Round Rock, so every day we travelled: Ranch to Home, then Home to Ranch the next day. The kittens became great travelers, and they amused us as much as they amused themselves. While their attachment to each other was clear, we never knew how devoted we were growing to them.


Suzie Q and Archie grew into young adults, full of energy and play. Whether climbing the playscape or bounding after treats, they always reminded us that these are the good times. Their antics made us laugh daily, and their affection helped us through the bumpy moments.


Suzie started feeling poorly in November, and we couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Vet tests didn’t prove a lot, so she came home with some special food and some simple meds. Slowly she got worse, although she had good days. She recovered some of her pounce, though she slept more, and wanted to be held a lot more than ever before.


The Holidays came and we all moved to the Ranch. She seemed to be in good spirits, but with no real appetite. Even soft, wet food didn’t appeal to her anymore. I visited a lot, and she would sometimes deign to sit in my lap for a head rub. Having done her kittenly duty, she’d mosey off to her bed to rest.


The crisis came on Tuesday, after we were home. I found her unresponsive and cold, but breathing, under the bed. We warmed her up and got a bit of fluids in her, and she recovered a bit. An emergency trip to the vet determined that she was beyond her means to continue, though she would lie in my arms and purr.  I held her until she slept, then said goodbye. (I still don’t know how I got home.)


It was a fun, but altogether too short, two years. Sleep Well, Pretty Lady…


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