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And You Thought They Were Just for Takeout…

This entry is part of a series, Follies 2012»

Disposable Chopsticks

You get Chinese takeout from Paulie’s Fine Sushi and Bait Shop. You remember to get an extra set of chopsticks, one for you and one for the drawer; for later, right? When you make a stir-fry you’ve got extra chopsticks that way. In any case, you take off the wrapper, use them, then you toss them with the empty boxes. Easy-peasy.

But what if you’ve just contributed to some poor owl being out of a home, deep in the outback of China? Huh? And here you only thought your mother warned you about all the starving kids in China just to get you to eat your Brussels sprouts. There’s real tragedies happening out there!

And it’s all your fault, man…

Sticks and Seasonings

Well, okay; not all your fault. But what else can you do with those disposable bits of tableware? Well, don’t toss them away! There are over fifty other uses for these things, if you just stop and think. And if you’re stumped after four ideas, you can read this report, showing idea after idea.

I liked the thoughts presented, by and large. Use them to prop open a window? Nice, for the 3 days a year we can go without air conditioning here. Make a rubber band gun? Nice one, especially in the office. Make a lampshade? Yep, it can be done. Stir paint with them? Sure, if you’re patient. Build furniture? Either your gerbils will thank you, or you eat takeout way too often. Knit a sweater? Now you know Grandma’s secret.

Yes, they’re versatile wooden sticks. Don’t overlook their many alternative uses! Including digging lint out of those hard-to-reach places between the console and the bucket seats. See how easy it is to imagine a reason to keep them? Now it’s your turn…

Enjoy the (Chop-Chop Sticks) Heat!


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