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Making the Great Sandwich Even Better

Lunch Sign

“Hey, let’s go grab a sandwich” is a simple way to gather up some friends and break for lunch. Americans probably consume more sandwiches per person than any other country. We’re the fast-food nation, after all, and a large proportion of fast foods are sandwiches of some sort. If you toss in things like tacos and wraps (some experts say these are a form of sandwich), then for sure we’re the kings and queens of sandwich eating.

One problem: So many of the sandwiches we consume aren’t really healthy for us. Sometimes it’s failed portion control. Many times it’s fat, salt and and calories that are out of control. And sometimes the flavor leaves a lot to be desired.

Pastrami and a Beer

It doesn’t need to be that way, though. And the Endless Simmer website is leading the charge for showing us how to make sandwiches better, tastier, healthier. Rather like the Six Million Dollar Man of lunch specialties. Take a gander at the article, found here.

The things I’d suggest: Use more chile peppers, and use more zesty condiments, to punch up the flavor. It’s been proven that we eat less of something if it’s more flavorful. So pack on the zest, not the calories…

Enjoy the (Punched-Up Lunch) Heat!


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