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Seems the Only Brains Around Were All Frozen…

Butterfly Brain

A trio of Sudanese travelers had a big plan. However, they forgot just one thing: They need to have more brains than the Egyptian customs officers they had to fool for their plan to work. Which, it turns out, was true, sort of; just not in a functional way…

The three men were attempting to smuggle frozen cows’ brains into Egypt, through the airport at Cairo. Over 400 pounds of frozen brains. Okay; you’re thinking, you’ve heard of weirder things. (In fact, wasn’t there that party, back when you were a freshman in college, where… No, wait; maybe that wasn’t you in the tub of Jell-O and wearing a tutu.)

Why would these three want to smuggle nearly a quarter ton of cow’s brains into Egypt? Dinner, of course. In fact, the men intended to sell the brains to specialty restaurants in Cairo where brains and livers are served as dinner. Very popular in Egypt at the moment! Deep-fried, served in a warm pita with plenty of spicy red sauce on top. (You’ve tried them, yes?) The brains, which can be purchased for next to nothing in the Sudan, will fetch $6 a pound or more in Cairo.  The net haul, after round-trip airfare, would have been $1,500. Not a lot of money to you, maybe, but that’s something like 500 months’ pay for a Sudanese worker. Practically makes them millionaires, if they had made it work.

Unfortunately, it failed. This time. No word on whether it’s worked in the past, nor on whether these three will be banned from traveling to Egypt in the future.

What about all those tasty brains, you ask? Well, since the Egyptian authorities can’t verify that they were harvested and transported in sanitary conditions, they’ll be burned. The official who spoke about them did so anonymously, of course.

I wonder: What IS that smell coming from the party for all those Egyptian customs workers, out behind the airport terminal? And do they have enough red sauce handy…

Enjoy the (Beefy Brainy) Heat!


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